Self use

Why self-use?

Build and manage effective promotion campaigns, optimize performance
and analyze the results. All this on a single, easy-to-use platform.

Start faster

Start the campaign within minutes. Discover the options that make it easy for you to create promotional campaigns and how to find the right audience.

Check and optimize

Define campaign settings, adjust budget, target audience and all that in just a few clicks.

Measure your performance

Analyze the results of your campaigns with real-time statistics to make data-driven decisions.

Wide audience

Advertisements published in an audience of +18 M monthly users. Find the audience that really interests you.

Platform that provides innovation for your promotion campaigns

Friendly tools for beginners and pro level to distribute desktop and mobile ads to the audience you are interested in.

  • An intuitive and effective campaign creator guides you through the process of target selection, advertising placement, planning and budgeting in a few simple steps.
  • Our real-time traffic estimator helps you see how a campaign’s bids and targeting settings affect the success of your ad.
  • Control your advertising spending with daily and total campaign budgets.
  • Audience interests
  • Geographical location
  • Operating systems
  • Types of devices
  • See how your ads have impacted your business in easily readable reports in real time.
  • Analyze performance and get measurable results: compare clicks, impressions and other metrics to find out which campaigns and creations were most effective.
  • Find out which advertising channels are most valuable to your business, where you are buying potential customers, and where you need to make adjustments.
  • Track and improve campaigns with S2S tracking tools and banner enhancement tools.

Proactive support for large businesses in campaign management

Focus on running your own business and exploring new growth opportunities – leave the hard work to us. Campaign management service is a convenient and cost effective way to achieve the highest possible results

Work with a dedicated personal manager for your business, who will configure your promotional campaigns and create productive strategies. Provide continuous monitoring and achieve set objectives. Everything to meet the needs of your business can be found at WebProm.